Filter? What filter?

Google announced this week that it’s really trying to come up with a filtering solution for YouTube, but, dude, it’s like so hard. And like, you know what, it’s just as hard this year as it was last year when they said they were going to filter. So, dude—that must mean it’s like REALLY hard.

Personally—I think that this is tripe. I don’t think that Google has any intention of filtering out other people’s stuff for one reason and one reason only. They have NO BUSINESS if they successfully filter.

And no one calls them on this while they not only rob us blind, but while they enrich geeky little mall rats on our backs. After the to-do over Clear Channel’s artist development program, one has to wonder why groups like the Future of Music Coalition are willing to burn cycles going off half cocked on seriously attenuated and metaphysical theories of “payola” (that still makes me laugh) and will not lift a finger to go after Google when it is STEALING from the creative community.

Pass the ring dings.