Book Review: Google and the Myth of Universal Knowledge: A View From Europe

Google and the Myth of Universal Knowledge: A View From Europe by Jean-Noël Jeanneney Today being Sunday, I found myself at Book People, our local independent bookstore. The onslaught against the independent bookstore that started with Crown Books, continuing through Barnes & Noble, Bookstar, etc., and now culminating in is almost complete. (Nothing against […]

Still shilling after all these years….

So here’s the latest and greatest from the EFFluviati—“sign the petition” says the link you find on various webpages:“EFF is the leading civil liberties group defending your rights in the digital world. Sign the petition to stop the RIAA lawsuits!” Well you don’t say, I thought. How high minded and pure souled. And I’d be […]

Chasing the long tail….

I must confess that it is a happy day for me when I get through 24 hours without hearing anyone say “the long tail”, reading yet another lionization of copyright pirates in Wired Magazine (See: “Shawn Hogan, Hero“), hearing the words China, India and advertising used in the same sentence as “save our industry”, or […]

And they all moved away from me on the bench, or Google’s Bad Advice

A group of leading entertainment and technology companies have announced the “UGC Principles” that they wish to follow as industrywide standards. Absent—of course—is Google. There are many principles that the group of companies, including Microsoft, have agreed to follow. These companies—we might call them the Principled Group—adhere to one basic tenant, from which all others […]

Generation L and the Promotional Value of YouTube Here’s a real-world example of the great “rise of the amateur” we hear so much about (debunked by Andrew Keen in the wonderful book The Cult of the Amateur). A musician downloaded free software and made a recording on his computer that according to one of those insane websites that thinks they can use […]

Subscribe This Way

The recent New York Times piece about Rick Rubin has stirred discussion of the wisdom of subscription services. Unfortunately, that’s not the really important part of the article—the most profound discussion was Rick Rubin’s approach to making records. That part of the article should be required reading for every A&R person and also every record […]


I’m actually quite amazed by the number of people who come up to me around the country and encourage me to keep writing this blog. Most often these are independent artists, owners of small labels, independent publishers, managers and attorneys who work with new artists, the people who have always kept the music business alive. […]