Fire Fart meets the NRA

The “CNN/YouTube” program last night featuring the GOP’s starpower–oh, sorry, I guess I should call that a debate–demonstrated conclusively the depths to which presidential politics has sunk in the Fire Fart era. I don’t quite know who we have to thank for this, but the debacle should demonstrate conclusively that YouTube’s domain truly is the dorm room and not the debate podium.

Fans of NRA darling Rick Boucher no doubt enjoyed the clip featuring tossed shotguns regarding the candidates support for the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

As a side note–how these candidates manage to justify appearing on a program sponsored by YouTube without a word about copyright infringement is both galling and comforting. Galling–for obvious reasons, and comforting–because in an election campaign, God knows what candidates would promise if they were visited with a Pandora-style email campaign by the copyhate crowd.