The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Christmas season is a great time for catching up on things you couldn’t justify devoting the time to during the rest of the year. I find myself noticing things around the house that need to be worked on, wondering why the Diggnation drunks promote the Pirate Bay, and spending a little bit of time noodling around to see who has been quoting this blog. An idle mind truly is the devil’s workshop.

And speaking of the devil’s workshop, I may be the only person on the planet not to have noticed this, but it appears that the Viking Pirate Kings (aka the Pirate Bay) are partners with what the Register calls a “neo-fascist” leader of an extreme right-wing party in Sweden. (I’ve never heard of the financier before, but apparently his political party is a real hot potato in the “fantastically cool freculture country of Sweden” to quote Professor Lessig.)

For those who haven’t followed these things–it is not uncommon for there to be extreme right and extreme left wing parliamentary parties in Europe. Some would call this a triumph of democracy, others might call it an extraordinary waste of time, energy and tax dollars and ponder whether there is a causal connection between wacko politicos being able to get elected and REALLY high income tax rates. Or if reindeer really know how to fly for that matter.

(See this yourself:

For those of us who draw parallels between the forced taking and carrying away of property not one’s own and neo-fascists, this connection will come as no surprise, but it does kind of provide some context for the Pirate Party, the political arm of the Pirate Bay and its backers. Unclear what the Pirate Party actually stands for, but it has something to do with destroying the value of other peoples property one would assume. That was something that fascists were pretty good at, so there is enough of an overall connection in the zeitgeist for all these freaks to walk the earth arm in arm. Ah, well, at least they’re not bombing Harrods.

Which reminds me–the Stanford Law School invited the head of the Pirate Bay and the Pirate Party for a little tête-à-tête at Professor Lessig’s unit. I’m sure this neo-fascist issue came up in such intellectually superior company and received a thorough vetting, so perhaps there’s a transcript.

On another note–I see Mr. (nee Professor) Patry’s reasearch staff found my reference to the “Berkman Center for Copyhate” and he actually mentioned that parodic treatment in a panel on fair use at the Fordham Law School. I thought it was really cool that he noticed that the title of his business unit at the Boston school whose name cannot be spoken was itself being parodied here, so making it a perfect sidenote for a panel on fair use.

Since Mr. Patry became a Google employee (i.e., richer than sin), I’m flattered that he takes the time to read anything written by someone who merely toils in the vinyard of what’s left of the creative community as it struggles to stay in the middle class during one of the great income transfers of all time. But then again, Mr. Patry has probably never been on the receiving end of the bilious spew from graduates of the Boston madrassah after they whip themselves into an anti-copyright fervor (thus guaranteeing that anyone with a brain in the creative community would be unlikely to take a chance on anyone with that reference on their resume). While he might not fully appreciate the irony of the “copyhate” reference through direct experience, I’m sure he can appreciate it intellectually, God knows.

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And my personal favorite: “What Really is a Fascist?” Now there‘s a question for the ages, eh?

Where is Lyndon Larouche when you need him? There’s just something about those “LL” initials….

2 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. Calling the Pirate Party fascist? Wow, I gotta admit that was a first. It’s so far out on an objective level it doesn’t even reflect sunlight – I don’t know where to begin to comment.Also, you would do well to note that the Pirate Party and the Pirate Bay are two distinctly separate organizations. One is not a branch of the other, and they developed on parallel tracks. (A quick Wikipedia lookup would have divulged this fact.)And finally, there is both a transcript and a recording of my (Falkvinge’s) visit to Stanford Law School. The video is available at the below link, and might shed some more first-hand information on what we are trying to accomplish:See the full presentation here.


  2. I don’t use Wikipdedia, if you make it into Britannica, let me know.I actually didn’t call you a fascist, I said there was enough of a connection in the zeitgeist for all of you to walk together. This is what we call satire. But now that you mention it… What I called the Pirate Bay was theives.


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