Google Inducted Into the Success of Arrogance Hall of Fame

Madonna was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last night, televised on VH-1. VH-1 has not posted any video of the show. That would be the VH-1 owned by Viacom, also known as “plaintiff”.

Google, of course, has the footage. And websites around the Internet also have the footage because they got it from Google. That would be the Google also known as “defendant”.

Of course, it’s easy to see that the footage came from Google because it’s all packaged up with the “YouTube” logo.

This would be kind of like Frank Lucas and “Blue Magic” (see American Gangster), except even more blatant. And this Google is a public company, a company that enjoys all the riches derived from a legal securities market to profit themselves from an illegal market in other people’s property.

And these people are suing each other. Here’s the message from Google: We make the law. We do not give a [hoot] about your so-called rights. We take what we want when we want to take it and we give it to anyone else who wants to take it, too, and we BRAND IT.

A lot of people think there is a market failure in the music business. There’s no market failure. There is no market. Markets depend on laws, and there is no law that Google respects unless they are forced to do so, or they know there is a credible threat to take them down.

There is no market failure, there is a failure of the basic law enforcement mechanisms of the state, and life in this market is nasty, cold, brutish and short if you try to compete in legitimate business.

You who are Google fans are watching the success of arrogance. Be sure you know what you’re rooting for.