One I Missed: Mary Meeker’s YouTube Math

This is a hysterically funny post from Silicon Alley Insider that is probably old news to some, but if you’re a Wall Street Journal reader like me, you never saw it the first time around:

From the geniuses who brought you the Penn Central debacle, the Latin American debt crisis, Drexel Burnham Lambert, the S & L collapse, the fall of the Russian stock market, the crash, derivatives, hedge funds, the subprime debt crash [in progress], Bubble 2.0 [in progress] and Google’s Theory of Artists and Songwriters

“We estimate that Google will generate $100 trillion of revenue in 2010. Or maybe $10 billion. Whatever.”

Or as she told Business Week in 2001 “…[W]e have had one heck of a feast.”

Well, that’s sort of the point, isn’t it, but exacly who’s the “we”?