New Orphan Works Legislation: From Each According to What is Not Nailed Down, To Each According to How Little We Can Get Away With

The House and Senate both introduced new versions of the “orphan works” legislation (the “Shawn Bentley Orphan Works Act” named after the late AOL lobbyist). Why, you may ask? What is so important about “orphan works”? Do the songwriters, artists, photographers, illustrators, screenwriters, actors, directors you know come up to you in the street, strike […]

A Music Tax…Cut

Poor old Electronic Frontier Foundation Advisory Board Member Jim Griffin and his solution to what he calls “Tarzan economics” got a very poor reception from the “Hate Artists First” crowd (See The Music Industry’s Extortion Scheme—exceptionally hysterical as what started out as an idiotic idea from the EFF has now been transmogrified into an idiotic […]

More bone in the head

So I heard yet another bonehead argument about “markets” etc. from the other side that went something like this: The reason why iTunes has been a financial success for the music industry is because they have a great product that is easy to use. This sounds good when you first hear it, right? However, it […]