In Cyberspace, No One Knows You’re a Highly Decorated Dog

Another must-read, hilarious bark-cleaner from Andrew Orlowski: The Great Circular Award Ceremony.

“In recent years the EFF has found an ingenious solution to the task of finding new pioneers – by simply giving awards to EFF insiders. In 2005, we noted, the EFF marked the lifetime’s achievements of one Mitch Kapor. One of his achievements happened to be… founding the EFF. Last year, the EFF cast its net far and wide, scoured every corner of the earth… and honoured EFF Fellow Cory Doctorow.”

And in the page of history is worth a volume of logic column: The Critical Legal Studies crowd in the 70s and 80s (the Duncan Kennedy version) employed very much the same tactics as the EFFluviati–shamelessly quoting each other in a never-ending stream of law review articles that created the illusion of academic credibility. More later about these historical similarities.