Racetracks, rum, sheep, wooden arrows and the Austin Yam Jam

Here’s something that the wooden arrow crowd in Washington probably would never think of—independent artists quietly coming together to help feed a whole bunch of people in their community. This time it’s Central Texas, and in particular Austin.

Operation Turkey started in 2000 with one guy giving one Thanksgiving dinner to one family in need. Austinite Richard Bagdonas started Operation Turkey eight years ago with one dinner, and the organization has grown to 13 cities across the country, mostly in Texas but also in California, South Dakota and Virginia.

One of the principle ways that Operation Turkey raises money in Austin is from the Yam Jam, a concert featuring local artists. One of the ways that the now dozens of turkeys are distributed is through artists donating the use of their equipment vans.

Artists and musicians always seem to have time for feeding people who fall through the Washington “safety net” despite the fact—and it is a fact—that Washington has completely and fatally failed to protect American artists from the greatest onslaught against creativity since Galileo was imprisoned by the Roman Inquisition.

We’ve already had our depression, now we get to have another. Must be nice to have tenure or a safe seat or a job with someone who has tenure or a safe seat.

Now ya’ll inside the Beltway folk think about that while you’re screwing artists. You two Gulfstream families can just waggle your wings.

And don’t take any wooden arrows.