Chris Anderson Gets It Wrong Again, or Law Hardening in Faith Based Economics

It should come as no surprise that we don’t have much time for Chris Anderson around here. We do have a lot of time for Will Page, the economist who provided the analysis for the Radiohead “In Rainbows” project and a very bright lad with a lot of promise for a Scot.

As reported by Andrew Orlowski, Will and his team have articulated a serious debunking of Chris Anderson’s “Long Tail” what anyone who had actually sold records knew intuitively was BS–“80 per cent of the digital inventory sold no copies at all – and the ‘head’ was far more concentrated than the economists expected.” In other words, the “Long Tail” is gibberish because “[t]here are Tails where the Tail lives as a kind of welfare state. Not this one. You starve in this Tail.”

Or as we say around here, don’t play grabass with the Wrong Tail.