Must Read: First Amicus Brief Opposing Google Books

The first of what may be many amicus briefs opposing the Google Books settlement is in motion (amicii must request permission of the presiding judge in order to be able to file their briefs–so interested counsel take note). Professor Grimmelmann discusses it on his blog which should be read regularly by those interested in opposing the settlement.

While I doubt we would agree with Professor Grimmelmann about all creator issues invovling copyright and artists’ economic rights to their labor value, I think that we agree about this–the Google Books settlement is an unmitigated disaster for anyone concerned with creativity, fairness, orphan works or competition. (He probably wouldn’t say it quite so broadly.)

And again–songwriters, music publishers, and anyone taking the trouble to obtain a lyric reprint license and sellers of sheet music take note. Your sheet music and lyric reprint rights ARE implicated and Google WILL be competing with you if the settlement is approved.