Must Read: Maureen Dowd on Google

If you haven’t seen it, Maureen Dowd has a truly historic op-ed about Google’s impact on the news business. She got to interview creepy Eric Schmidt (“…[he] doesn’t look like a Dick Cheney World Domination sort…”) and got the typical condescending Google-tone, the “you and I both know that I’m smarter than you and you’re actually kind of…well, not Stanford material, poor litte writer…”

This time, he did it to Maureen Dowd. Maureen Dowd. Not quite as funny as Lessig doing his Idiot Boy impression with Steven Colbert, but close. Very close. Rumor has it, Schmidt seems to think he’s irresistable–“‘What can I say? I just like the ladies.'” Gag me with a spoon. Did creepy Eric Schmidt think he was going to “charm” Maureen Dowd? With what? His irresistable…Gulfstream? One commenter on the NYT site said that Ms. Dowd sounded jealous of Schmidt. I don’t know as she sounded jealous, I’d say more like nauseated.

For a long time, the conventional wisdom about who piracy was going to kill next after music was the movie business. Not so. Our compatriots in the newsroom are next.

Have fun with that, little Googlers. Try cutting off the New York Times like you did to CNET. One good thing is that Ms. Dowd got close enough to Schmidt that she could see whether he had any funny birthmarks under his hairline. Since I’m sure she would have reported on that one, at least we can feel certain there’s some reason to believe he’s not the antichrist.

She also coined a new word for Google: G-ogle.

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  1. You’re right – Historic op-ed Maybe now we can have a real conversation on privacy issues regarding the Internet. “No more heros”, who does Schmidt think he is, God?


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