Pirate Youth gives purpose to life

In news from Sweden–“Ung Pirat” or “Pirate Youth” apparently is an arm of the Swedish Pirate Party for young people—unfortunate choice of name given the company is reportedly financed by a neo-Nazi. The Pirate Party is to the Pirate Bay sort of what Sinn Fein is to the IRA, aside from the fact they have no seats in the Swedish legislative branch.

Rickard Falkvinge, Leader of the Pirate Party thinks that the Pirate Youth is an exceptionally important organization. The Leader “told the tt news agency [that] the conflict surrounding file-sharing gives Swedish youth a chance to become politically active. ‘These citizens have never previously had a significant issue with which to become involved,’ he said.”

Oh, please.

It’s hard to know which is more insulting, that he would say it or that he would think that anyone would believe it.