Internet Archive Seeks to Intervene in Google Books Case

It is possible for an interested party to actually intervene in the Google Books case, meaning actually become a party to the case, a litigant. The usual argument for being allowed to participate as an intervener is something like, “I’m not a party to the case, but I ought to be, so judge, please let me be.I’m not quite sure how long an intervener can stay in the case.

Brewster Kahle is seeking to intervene in the Google Books case. This will give him a seat at the table which may or may not be a good thing given Kahle’s relations with Lessig and history of trying to overturn the guts of the U.S. Copyright Act (at which Lessig failed again). God knows he can afford to buy his microphone. Trust, but verify.

Be that as it may, if Kahle’s involvement can help to derail approval of the creepy Google end run around the world’s copyright system that Google intends to pull off at the fairness hearing, that’s a good result for our society and humanity in general. You can read the letter to the court seeking permission to intervene here.

It appears that at least one other group is seeking to intervene, so it could get a bit crowded in chambers.

If you would like to hear the U.S. Register of Copyright ennumerate all the ways in which we loathe thee Google, you can see a webcast of the recent Columbia Law School symposium on the books settlement here.

Speaking of webcasts…will Judge Chin permit the Google Books fairness hearing to be webcast? Shouldn’t the end of copyright be televised?