The Wrong Tail Redux

I’ve been saying for years what everyone involved with p2p already knew–after Napster it was never about music introduction, it was all about getting away with stealing copies of something the user already knew about. It’s the rough equivalent of going to your local record store (or more commonly to iTunes) and finding out everything about a record you want to acquire, and then going to steal it on a p2p or Bit Torrent service.

In case you needed any proof of that (or that stolen vastly overwhelms purchased) there’s a good story by Glenn Peoples that reports on a study by our pals Will Page and Eric Garland that proves this up.

And can we please stop saying “it’s hard to compete with free”? Let’s say it properly: It’s hard to compete with stealing.

Finally, the U.S. government in the form of the Vice President of the United States, no less, is recognizing the obvious and isn’t afraid to separate the dirt from the tech: “[The Pirate Bay is] pure theft, stolen from the artists and quite frankly from the American people as consequence of loss of jobs and as a consequence of loss of income.”

The cruel theft of labor value.