Not quite right Sasha

Sasha Frere Jones is a smart guy, but he really took a wrong turn in his column this week (“Heavy Sifting: Broke Hop”) particularly with this line: “But beats built from fragments of vinyl sound great, and before changes in law made sampling too expensive for anyone who isn’t named Kanye West, a lot of […]

Germany to file amicus in Google Books Case

Looks like Google has a new opponent in their charm offensive: Germany. More specifically, Germany’s attorney general Brigitte Zypries. Zypries said that Germany is considering filing a friend of the court brief in the Google Books case in order to “[make] the court aware of certain legal aspects“. Now what might those legal aspects be? […]

Google to Germany: Drop Dead!

Not only have Google been run out of town by German authors, they’ve also been run out of town by German villagers. And a few other people according to (“Germany to Google: Erase Raw Street Level Images“ “Greece’s Data Protection Authority recently rejected Google’s bid to roam Greek streets with cameras mounted on vehicles, […]

From Soho down to Brighton…

Thoughtful post by Helienne Lindvall in the Guardian about a mock trial on the relevancy of record companies that was put on as a moot court at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton. Well worth reading her analysis which emphasizes several important points that the “Abbey Road in a Box” crowd would do well to […]