So now intellectual property IS like physical property…I’m so confused

From the people who brought you the rather constipated expression “law hardening”, Wired Magazine brings you “Jailbreaking” in a recent article describing Fred von Lohmann, effluviati bandito profundo maximus hairdo of the 32nd degree, who supported hacking the Apple iPhone operating system in a recent debate with the Register of Copyright at the Temporary Autonomous Zone known as the Leland Stanford Junior Google University.

“’It is my automobile at the end of the day,’ von Lohmann said, a reference that iPhone users should be allowed to do what they want with their phones, just like car owners do.”

Just like car owners? I thought that in the Temporary Autonomous Zone intellectual property like the Apple OS was nothing like physical property. Then of course, car owners can’t do anything they want with their cars. For one thing, they can’t drive them without disclosing who they are–by means of a drivers’ license or license plates, Herr Bandito.

Careful with your analogies.