Jeff Bezos on Google Books: It doesn’t seem right that you should get a prize for violating copyrights

An excellent insight into the creepy Google Books settlement in an interview by Caroline McCarthy of Jeff Bezos of Amazon–a tough customer himself. Bezos has done more to try to incorporate old and new business models far more successfully than any other entrepreneur save Steve Jobs. I remember being interviewed at length about the music business by an Amazon employee back when they were just selling books in late 1997. These were people who wanted to know how things were being done so they could make them better.

“‘…[I]t doesn’t seem right that you should…get a prize for violating a large series of copyrights,’ Bezos said.”

No, it doesn’t.

Just because you can figure out a way to sell advertising inside books doesn’t mean you get to do it because you’re “disruptive” or whatever the O’Reilly word is this week.

See–after the panel is over, there are still authors trying to figure out what in the world you did to their books.

The darkly funny thing about it is that you could equally say that about Li’l Chad and YouTube, too.