La longue nuit du mauvais conseil de Google

Google continues to get bad advice and now have managed to alienate yet another European creator group–the French independent labels collecting society SPPF has filed a copyright infingement lawsuit against YouTube in France. As we have predicted many, many times, Google’s acquisition of YouTube is ending up being the driving force behind negativizing its brand […]

Be careful what you ask for

A Minneapolis jury in the Jammie Thomas retrial found that the defendant willfully infringed copyrights as did the jury in the first trial. The jury awarded the creators $1.92 million. That sounds very willful to me. In the first trial, the defendant got a $222,000 jury verdict. One could safely conclude that yet another jury […]

Mark Helprin

I saw Mark Helprin speak about his new book Digital Barbarism. I confess to not having read the book cover to cover, but I did read the important op-ed piece from which the book derives. Helprin was attacked by the online white-sheets-and-hoods crowd (over 750,000 strong) which was what prompted him to write the book-length […]

Understanding the Freetards: Today’s Word is "debunking"

When you’re trying to separate the dirt from the tech, it’s handy to have your Freetard English Dictionary around. Today’s word is “debunking”, a commonly used verb in the World of Freetards. The traditional definition: “to expose or excoriate (a claim, assertion, sentiment, etc.) as being pretentious, false, or exaggerated”. The Freetard definition: “to keep […]

Jammie Thomas case

Not that I’m not interested, but there are so many hours in the day. Ben Sheffner is actually on-scene (thus proving clearly and convincingly that he has a cast iron stomach) and will do a great job of reporting on the case. We can read and marvel at The big question: Can Nesson actually play […]

Orphan Works According to Google

What is an “orphan work” according to Google? (Outside of the Google Books Settlement, of course, which gives Google an exclusive license to orphan works according to many commentators.) As Google’s General Counsel has said publicly: “These works include those for which the author or assignee of a work – the work’s “parent” – can […]

And your little dog, too: Orphan Works 2008 Recap

Remember that Public Knowledge was the prosecuter in chief and handmaiden to Google’s interests on orphan works, shoulder to shoulder with the Copyright Office. “• PK and its allies moved a copyright reform bill to the cusp of passage. The importance of this cannot be overstated. First, it is extremely hard to get any substantive […]

The Return of Orphan Works

It appears that orphan works legislation is about to return: “US Copyright Register Marybeth Peters told Intellectual Property Watch that orphan works legislation is expected to be introduced [the week of June 15th].” If the proposed legislation for a U.S. orphan works bill is anything like the legislation from the last session of Congress, it […]