Say goodnight

The creative community won its case against, which is somewhat ironic to me. In 1994 I asked some copyright litigators if they had focused on the binary files that were being bartered in newsgroups. I was told not to worry about it because “we have the Net covered.” Well, 15 years later…. I’m so glad they had the “Net covered.” It’s a relief to know somebody has the point.

I particularly like this part of the piece: “[Plaintiffs sought sactions against] [because it] destroyed evidence and prevented employees from being questioned [by plaintiffs], going so far as shipping some of them off on extended trips to Europe. Presiding U.S. District Judge Harold Baer, of the Southern District of New York, was unamused and sanctioned” Judges tend not to like that spoliation of evidence thing. Just ask Real.

And then there was this: “ boasts that signing up for an account ‘gives you access to millions of MP3 files and also enables you to post your own files the same way and share them with the whole world.'”

Ummmm…good thinking, Dobe. No law-hardening on this one.

So yet more bad advice. Damages come next. As an old third mate I knew used to say, “Arrgh, Cookie, make mine bloody rare.”