Chronicle of Higher Ed: Professor Says Free Lectures Did Not Boost Book Sales, Contrary to ‘Wired’ Editor’s New Book

Must read article in the Chronicle of Higher Education about Professor Richard Muller, who Chris Anderson/Wikipedia made into a poster child for how much Web 2.0 helps drive sales…or something like that. I confess that I get a bit lost in it all. (I always thought that sales helped drive sales.)

In Professor Muller’s case, Anderson/Wikipedia were evidently trying to make something that passed for an argument that YouTube helped the professor get a book deal.

“Mr. Muller said the YouTube videos of his lectures did nothing to help him get a contract for Physics for Future Presidents (W.W. Norton).
‘That is wishful thinking from someone who is trying to conclude that Webcasts lead to money,’ said Mr. Muller. ‘But correlation is not causation. What Anderson says may be ‘easy to see,’ but it just ain’t so. He is letting his hoped-for conclusion drive his analysis of events.’”

Wowsah. Now there’s an ephiphany–correlation is not causation.

Well, I guess that says it all. To paraphrase a friend of the house, poor Chris, he can’t help it. He was born with a freetard foot in his mouth.