Nesson cuts to the chase: What am I wearing?

Excellent coverage of the Nesson…sorry, I amost forgot–Tenenbaum–case from Ben Sheffner. Just in case you were wondering what the case is all about, the Master of Disaster, self-styled Dean of Cyberspace and “Team Tenenbaum” leader (also head of the Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society [] and the Harvard Law School Poker Working Group) summed it all up strategically and globally during jury selection by focusing on the really, truly, absolutely essentially and existentially important questions in the case:

“Nesson began his questioning of [the potential jurors] by asking whether they were ‘offended’ by his decision to wear a Steve Jobs-esque black turtleneck (with blazer) in lieu of a business suit. ‘I’m a teacher in my normal life,’ explained Nesson. ‘[Because in case you haven’t figured it out, I am too freaking cool for freaking school and] this is what I wear every day [in all my digital nativeness].’

Perhaps in his capacity as faculty advisor the the Harvard Law School Marijuana Working Group, Nesson also questioned potential jurors about their views on marijuana decriminalization, even asking one woman how she would feel if she heard during the trial about Nesson’s own (admitted) pot-smoking. She said she didn’t mind, though Judge Gertner quickly made clear that the trial would not delve into that subject. “

And then he said, “But enough about me.” Sadly, that’s a joke. He didn’t actually say “enough about me.”

Another shining moment in stellar legal work from the law school whose name cannot be said.