A "silver lining for the Premier League"

Excellent treatment by our favorite IP blog, IPKat ,of the very complex copyright issues involved in the Premier League et al v. Google case: “The silver lining for the Premier League was however found in section 411(c). Under this section a foreign work containing sounds and/or images which was first recorded simultaneously with its live […]

More on Pirate Bay sale insider trading

According to Threat Level of Wired the Pure, “Insider Trading Suspected Ahead of Pirate Bay Sale” and trading was suspended in the acquirer’s stock pending an investigation by officials at the Swedish AktieTorget exchange (No, that’s not Swedish for “Torrents”.) The Swedish authorities “…[do] not permit criminal enterprises to trade on the exchange.” So no […]

Peace in the Valley: Pandora supports new rates

Pandora’s Tim Westergren writes: “For more than two years now I have been eagerly anticipating the day when I could finally write these words: the royalty crisis is over!” Good news all round, especially for independent artists and labels. The erudite David Oxenford has written an astonishingly concise summary of the deal.