Good ideas from Jeremy Hunt

We’ve taken a dim view of cutting off Internet access as a third strike, favoring the more defendable economic punishment (while being careful about the “natural right to steal” crowd and the capitulationistas). UK MP Jeremy Hunt has interesting observations in the Financial Times on other alternatives following the easily anticipated reactions to Lord Mandelson’s […]

Why We Love Lily Allen

British artist Lily Allen has an outstanding blog that tells it like it is about the Featured Artist Coalition–who are, in my view, a bunch of capitulators and appeasers who have virtually nothing new to say. “I think music piracy is having a dangerous effect on British music, but some really rich and successful artists […]

Return of the Hadopi

Excellent piece by Andrew Orlowski on the “Return of the Hadopi“, the innovative French “3 strikes” legislation that has been reworked (HADOPI is an acronym of “Haute Autorité pour la Diffusion des Oeuvres et la Protection des Droits”, a mouthful that roughly translated means the high authority for the distribution of works and the protection […]

Lessig’s bad advice

As if the imploding Google Books wasn’t enough of an example of the damage a crackpot can do when backed by rich schoolboys with absolutely no real world experience, Professor Lyndon Larouche is being welcomed at Harvard with open arms (now that he’s done his best to destroy the entertainment industry, journalism as we know […]

Google to EMI: Stop me before I infringe again!

Just in case you were wondering whether it’s over the top to criticize the Veoh decisions for perpetuating the “catch me if you can” business model–here it is again. EMI Music Publishing has reportedly opted out of the Google Books settlement. But wait, you say–isn’t EMI Music Publishing a music publisher? Hence the name? Why […]

Google Books, Unclaimed Property and Google as State

Like the tar baby, the Google Books settlement agreement often raises more questions than it answers. Take something simple–unclaimed funds. Some of you may recall the shock and awe of Elliot Spitzer’s attack on the music industry–that is the attack on the music industry relating to royalties that were earned but unpaid due to a […]