Great News Sultan, Pt. 2

“What’s to stop students from paying for one month and downloading the whole collection? ‘Nothing,’ said Mr. Griffin….’Our gut tell us that the right model is flat fee, unlimited use.'”

Another Choruss sighting in the Chronicle of Higher Education (with a lovely picture of Peter Jenner and Jim Griffin courtesy of the Future of Music Coalition). I’m told that Jenner has been actively pushing a similar flat fee deal in the UK without much uptake.

The Chronicle also gives us the wonderful news that the Terry Fisher venture, Nowank Media, is planning on launching something in the fall fresh from testing in China. (China? Really? Maybe they can test it in a few other countries on that list with all that must-have government owned repertoire. At least Fisher is consistent, his version of collective licensing featured compulsory licensing and government pricing, which I’m sure the Chinese were happy to accommodate.)

Wow. I’ve kind of given up trying to pin down the inconsistencies in these stories over time, but if you have any interest in this topic….wait until somebody actually sees the actual service.

Until then, I guess you just have to say great news, sultan. Everything’s coming up roses.