The Wailing of the Amici, the Agony of the Self Anointed

More about this later, but a quick note to point out a truly insightful editorial in The Hill regarding the wailing of the amici among the self-anointed “consumer advocates”:

“Where do Public Knowledge and other consumer advocates get the hubris to insist Comcast has ‘every incentive’ to destroy such innovations, including those for which it is or will become part-owners?…It’s true that Internet content, still in its early days, isn’t generating enough advertising revenue to cover its costs, but that’s hardly proof that media consolidation has the sole aim of turning the clock back to a simpler time — say, 2000.”

Yes, the answer to that “where” question would be very, very insightful. Maybe its the same place they get their funding?

What is interesting to MTP about this op-ed is that the writer is Larry Downes, of the Leland Stanford Junior Google School of Law, late home of Lester Lawrence Lessig III. We do not recall a single moment–prior to the departure of The Third One (or “Trip Lessig” as we like to call him) when there was a ray of sunlight between the self-anointed and Google’s sycophants. When the cats away…?