Welcome to the Blog Roll: The Cynical Musician

You should definitely be reading The Cynical Musician, a blog by a very smart guy who describes himself this way:

“My name is Krzysztof Wiszniewski – just Faza to most people I know. I’m a musician and I’m cynical, hence the name of the blog. I am the lead guitarist of Viridian – a Polish hard-rock band – and also their main songwriter, producer, manager and odd-job man.”

The cat is deep. Read his stuff. His current post, “Plato and the Internet” is an idea I’ve been working on myself, but am most pleased he beat me to it with an excellent job.

In the literature of “Don’t Be Moral” I think we’ll have to include Plato right up there with Google VIP Patry….and our new friend Faza.

One thought on “Welcome to the Blog Roll: The Cynical Musician

  1. This guy isn't "deep," he's a crybaby. I want respect for intellectual property and a shot at success in a marketplace, just like everyone else. Difference is, I know how to sell to my audience. I'd NEVER want to go back to the old system. I mean, I don't even have to play live! How sweet is that?My efforts in the new marketplace have more of an impact than back in the supposed halcyon days of bottlenecks and ego-bloated middlemen. The only people crying about it are those without the horse sense to figure out how to sell, who plainly suck, or who no longer enjoy (or are desperately trying to hold on to) a privileged position from the era of content and spectrum scarcity.I agree with slightly half of what you say, Chris, and the rest is at least amusing. But I'm calling bullshit on this recommendation.Viva creators!


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