The same old whine…more bad advice for startups leads to Isohunt strikeout

Isohunt gets a helping of humble pie in the Central District:

“Defendants’ technology is nothing more than old wine in a new bottle….
Defendants third main argument ignores the unrebutted fact that millions of United States citizens have accessed Defendants’ websites, and a substantial proportion of the files made available to them through those websites contained copyrighted or highly-likely copyrighted works. Further, Plaintiffs have provided undisputed evidence of specific infringing acts done in the United States. Thus, as in Grokster, summary judgment is appropriate on the question of inducement liability. For the foregoing reasons, the Court GRANTS Plaintiff’ Motion for Summary Judgment on Liability as to inducement of infringement.” (emphasis mine)

I haven’t been following the case closely enough to quite be able to quantify the downside for the defendants, but remember that the Isohunt founder is being sued personally. And copyright infringement–especially inducement–has to be done by a person–it doesn’t just happen by itself. So there’s an open question of whether anyone should be allowed to hide behind the corporate veil for bad acts, including inducing infringement.

I say again: How many more cases do these pundits have to lose before the entrepreneurs get the idea that the advice is really, seriously, ontologically awful. We now have a sufficient jurisprudence of losers that should allow everyone involved to know bad advice when they hear it, and understand clearly that the person giving the bad advice is not the one who’s going to have the downside of judgement or jail. I cannot imagine why anyone would invest in the development of “innovation” that has consistently been found to be unlawful, not just false innovation.

On Larry, on Mikey, on Charlie and Billy, on Johnny, on Freddy–my, don’t you look silly? Merry Christmas to all, and now say goodnight.

More on Isohunt later (and the implications for YouTube). Be sure that Santa tells the little children “Don’t be moral! You’ll go on the evil list!”

Case 2:06 Cv 05578 Svw Jc