20 Questions for New Artists: Band Administrator/Split Sheets

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Band Administrator

It is a good idea for one band member to take responsibility for keeping track of the papers and information relating to the band’s business, such as receipts, bank statements, credit cards, payments, approvals for licenses, etc. This is especially important if there is no manager involved with the band. The “managing member” does need to keep the other band members informed, and should not be able to assume any liabilities or sign any contracts on behalf of the band without written consent of the other members and giving them a chance to read and understand what it is they are signing up to.

Split sheets

Song splits are probably the most sensitive conversations that the band has together. Many professional songwriters take split sheets into each writing session and sign off on the split sheet and register the song as soon as the song is completed. This is another one of those discussions that are better had before the band is making money to avoid the “selective memory disease” and can help if the band (or any member-writer) is ever accused of copyright infringement in connection with a song.

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