You can take Google out of China, but can you take the China out of Google?

A very interesting idea in a must read post from Zdnet’s Tom Foremski (“Google’s internal spy system was Chinese hacker target”) suggests a much more plausible reason why Google is up in arms about Chinese hackers stealing data–it was data from Google‘s own spy system.

Google is trying to hide behind a human rights spin–according to Google, China broke into Google’s data centers to collect information about human rights activists. The open and transparent Google (who routinely shuts off journalists) is shocked, shocked that there is gambling going on at Rick’s American Cafe.

But wait–the Chinese intelligence service needs to ask a US company for information to bust enemies of the state–for a bust in China. With a warrant. Really? Is this really what they think at the Kinderplex, or is this another one of those typically Google situations where they think we are all stupid?

Tom Foremski has a better (and frankly vastly more plausible and chilling) idea:

“Clearly, the Chinese government was looking at collecting data on all other Google users, not just human rights activists. China was trying to spy on us all! And Google’s internal spy system compromised all its users.
This reveals that Google collects information about all of its users all of the time and in a format that enables it to easily had it over to any government agency that orders a search warrant.”

Sorry big guy, Tom Foremski’s story is the one you have to manage. Watch–no more interviews at the Googleplex for Tom.

Yessir, keep that Internet free and open.