More Agony of the Self-Anointed: "Don’t Let Big Tech Hijack Net Neutrality!"

Whenever the EFFluviati start wailing about “Hollywood”, you know that there is a high probability that the Big Tech lobbyists are ginning up their mouthpieces. What is hysterically funny about this is that any one of these companies–take Google for example–has a bigger market cap than the entire music industry, maybe even the entire US entertainment sector. And they get these alleged non-profit front groups to roil up the digital natives.

An interesting take on this phenomenon from independent game developer Atomic Boy Software in a must-read post “Why I Don’t Like the EFF”:

“The Electronic Freedom Foundation does some decent stuff, and does some work to help protect freedom of speech on the internet. But, once you know that pro-piracy crusaders like Cory Doctorow and Lawrence Lessig are associated with their organization, then it should raise some red flags. Doctorow, for example, has sold “I pirate music” t-shirts on his website, and promoted books teaching people how to pirate and not get caught. Looking at EFF’s stance on issues, it becomes clear that they are (as an organization) taken a pro-piracy stance on things. This is the reason I could never actually support their work. It would be great to see a more moderate version of the EFF, one that doesn’t take a pro-freeloader / anti-creator stance.”

The net neutrality hearings have finally–finally–removed the fig leaves from the Mystic Knights of the EFFluviati. I couldn’t have said it better myself.