It’s a lot of money

Jerry Lewis is a man who has dedicated his life to fighting countless personal disasters through his “Jerry’s Kids” telethons, which is a fine example of the power for doing good of the professional creative class.

One year when I was watching part of the telethon, Jerry Lewis told one of the many stories of his personal experience trying to bring hope and help those who need it and to those who want to help.

Jerry was walking through an airport and a member of the janitorial staff came up to him and thanked him for everything he did to help folks with MS.

The janitor told him proudly, “I gave you $5.”Jerry said he wasn’t quite sure how to react to the $5 gift. The man then said, “I know that’s a lot of money, but I wanted you to have it because you’ll do the right thing with it.”

I know that’s a lot of money.

Sacrifice is relative. What’s important is to do the right thing.

There will be a benefit for Haiti at Austin Music Hall on Sunday, January 24 courtesy of Direct Events and the artists and musicians of Austin, watch this space and for details. Keep an eye out in your town, your local artists are probably doing the same thing.