"Witchcraft growing faster than other religions"! Geist blows it again

A great post by James Gannon on yet more erroneous conclusions benefiting the consumer electronics industry by the very, very well funded Michael Geist. According to The Geist in the Machine, all’s well online in Canada and 13 years or so of bad marks on Canada’s failure to implement the Internet treaties is a fact of no provenance. Canada’s appearance on the Special 301 Report from the U.S. Trade Representative is Hollywood skulduggery:

“However, if you read the fine print of these articles, every year Professor Geist has to sheepishly admit that while the growth rate is indeed greater in Canada than the U.S., the total market (per capita) is much lower in Canada. So much lower, in fact, that even after four consecutive years of faster growth, the Canadian digital music market still significantly lags the U.S.
The truth is that each successive year that Michael Geist touts Canada’s stronger growth rate compared to the U.S. only serves to highlight how far behind we truly are.”

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