Answer to Controlled Compositions Problem

For those following our substantive music business postings, the answers to the problem on controlled compositions will be in the April 13 edition of the monthly (signup under the Artist Authorized button), and will be posted on MTP at the end of the month. For the last few weeks, we have posted sections from the […]

Gquote of the Month

“We won’t (and shouldn’t) try to stop the faceless scribes of drivel, but we can move them to the back row of the arena.” Jonathan Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Google, Inc. Yesser, I got your net neutrality right here.

DOJ Criminal Resource Manual: Bedside reading for YouTube Fans

We will get into this in more detail, but YouTube fans may enjoy reading the handy Criminal Resource Manual published by the United States Departement of Justice (of Google Books fame, among other things). In particular, Chapter 1847 “Criminal Copyright Infringement“: “There are four essential elements to a charge of criminal copyright infringement. In order […]

The Loneliness of the Hybrid Economy

Remember Lessig’s hysterical defense of the “hybrid economy”? How about hybrid economist and public record remixer According to Wired, yet another site preying on the isolated and disconnected as been on the receiving end of a user lawsuit and a $10 million or so settlement. Here’s a tip for the plaintiffs: Get the money, […]


Canadian Music Week: I was able to introduce Jaron Lanier at the Global Forum which was very well attended. Jaron is a brilliant guy and I learned a lot from both his book and his speech. Jaron gives the bedrock of Web 2.0 (as well as the singularity movement) a good shake, and that naturally […]

Jaron Lanier at Canadian Music Week

Jaron Lanier is the most thoughtful critics of the “information wants to be free” and “sell another T-shirt” crowd at Google’s Singularity University that I’ve ever heard. In fact, he’s one of the more thoughtful people I’ve ever heard. I was lucky to be able to introduce him at Canadian Music Week, and appreciated his […]