AFL-CIO: Piracy is a danger to entertainment professionals

The executive council of the AFL-CIO announced its unflagging support for the professional creative class with a broad statement reminiscent of Vice President Biden’s own statements: “AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka issued the following statement: ‘The AFL-CIOfully supports entertainment workers, and stands behind them in the fight against thetheft of the products they work on and […]

French Court Rejects Google’s "Drink Me" Defenses

An excellent piece on the latest Google Books debacle in France: “Google argued that based on Article 5.2 of the Berne Convention, the American legal principle of ‘fair use’ should apply. The French court did not accept the argument, holding that the law applicable to complex crimes committed on the internet was that of the […]

The United States steps up

Authors can feel a bit better–they have a great advocate in William Cavanaugh of the Justice Department representing the United States in opposing the Google Books “settlement”. This passage in the recent hearing sums it up: “The class representatives here, your Honor, have a relatively narrow focus and duty: To litigate the claims presented or […]