Review of Parts of UK Digital Economy Act

The Digital Economy bill finally passed in the UK Parliament by 4:1 majority and received Royal Assent last week as part of the “wash up”. (As predicted by user astro-tboy, the UK ISP “Talk Talk” run by Car Phone Warehouse has announced its support of theivery and its desire to distinguish itself in the marketplace […]

The Geist in the Hen House Redux: The Untendered Prof Travels the World while the Alcan of IP Stokes the Fires At Home

No one will be surprised to know that Michael Geist is leading the charge to sabotage artist rights around the world, this time in Brussels and soon in New Zealand. It is unclear exactly how he affords all this travel—wait, wait—could it be through untendered contracts or travel invoices approved by bureaucrats at Industry Canada? […]

Untendered is the Prof: More secrets in the Geist closet?

Influencing the Influencers Canada is leaking like a sieve—kind of like the ACTA negotiations. So it is for Michael Geist of the Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, the Alcan of IP, the US-backed organization with a near 100% American board composition. Geist has forcefully inserted himself into the international lobbying effort amongst […]