The Pure Unadulterated Stuff: YouTube Turns 5

News from the Goolag:

In case you were wondering what pure, unadulterated BS looks like, consider the “thank you for making us rich, have a nice life” video from Li’l Steve and Li’l Chad. Then compare it to what we now know was being said inside YouTube at the time due to all the emails that managed to survive what the EFF would likely call YouTube’sdocument retention policy“.

Little did you know that as they were making this very celebratory video, Li’l Steve and Li’l Chad were suffering irreversible memory loss and all of their emails were being lost. Ain’t success tragic?

Where is Harvey Pitt when you need him, eh? Remember “Pitt’s Postulate”? “If you think you’ve destroyed the last copy of any document, one more exists, and it will surface at exactly the wrong time. (Exception: if you really need the document.)

You know who remembers Pitt’s Postulate? Jawed Karim, The Man Who Didn’t Lose His Email. Steve Chen: “we should just keep that stuff on the site. I really don’t see what will happen. what? someone from cnn sees it? he happens to be someone with power? he happens to want to take it down right away. he get in touch with cnn legal. 2 weeks later, we get a cease & desist letter. we take the video down.”

Jawed had this other email where he admonished the YouTube board of directors: “As of today episodes and clips of the following well-known shows can still be found: Family Guy, South Park, MTV Cribs, Daily Show, Reno 911, Dave Chapelle. This content is an easy target for critics who claim that copyrighted content is entirely responsible for YouTube’s popularity.”

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