Why we don’t have anonymous comments

“Cases involving anonymous commenters are now “where the action is in libel suits,” said Lucy Dalglish, executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press in Arlington, Va.” It has long been the policy here that we do not review (meaning read) and do not post anonymous or essentially anonymous comments.

Here we go again: Gaming the ORG petition sign up

Remember the Canadian modchip letter writing wizard debacle reported by the Toronto Globe and Mail? Here we go again. The “Open Rights Group” in the UK has an online “petition” calling on the new UK parliament to repeal the parts of the Digital Economy Act that the EFF-style Open Rights Group doesn’t like (the parts […]

This a fascinating piece of technology (the Eden printer by Objet Geometries of Massachusetts) that was used on Ironman 2 to fabricate Ironman props from CAD programs–in 4 hours. Legacy Effects also gets the hat tip on this. Beam me up Scotty.

From the people who brought you "cultural rape"

The Register reports that Google has sued “tiny indie blues label” Blues Destiny in order to obtain a ruling that would absolve Google of liability for including sites like the Pirate Bay, Rapidshare, Megavideo and the like in search results to make it ever more convenient for Google to profit from the kleptomania that has […]

Really Useful News: INgrooves Launches Preferred Provider Program for Indie Lables

San Francisco Indie label aggregator INgrooves launched INgrooves Marketplace accessable from the client-based INgrooves ONE Digital Console for INgrooves distributed titles. INgrooves Marketplace gives clients access to preferred rates and service from pre-approved vendors that provide various marketing, administrative and strategic tools, including ReverbNation, Audiolife, Mobile Roadie, Media2Radio, SoundOut and MediaNet. Check it out in […]