News you wish you couldn’t use


“CLOSED-DOOR FCC MEETINGS CONTINUE – Wednesday marked Day 3 of meetings between FCC staff and industry stakeholders on reclassification and Genachowski’s proposed ‘third way.’ While some participants have already cast doubt on the utility of these talks, it seems clear the negotiations won’t stop key players from duking it out in public. The latest example: An expensive, full-page ad in Wednesday’s edition of WaPo in which Free Press excoriates the FCC for abandoning Genachowski’s pledge to make the agency more transparent.

THE IRONY: Industry sources say Free Press is still taking part in those very meetings through the Open Internet Coalition, of which it is a member. Others point out it was Free Press that hit up the White House at the end of 2009 to meet with key administration officials ahead of the FCC’s initial inquiry on net neutrality.”

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Is Mr. Masnik Becoming Google’s go-to Apologist?

“Now this week Mr. Masnik is assuming the role of Google’s go to apologist again by declaring he is ”almost certain” Google’s three-year WiFi data collection in over thirty countries by retrofitting its entire StreetView vehicle fleet with special WiFi antennae was ‘accidental. Mr. Masnik would have more credibility if he did not summarily dismiss the possibility that someone in the privacy offices of several nations, the FTC, Scotland Yard, and roughly 30 state Attorneys General who are now investigating Google’s international WiFi data collection, might know something that Mr. Masnik might not be aware of?”

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Viacom/YouTube: What does it mean for the music industry

An interesting quote in this story, “I hope today’s decision is a wake-up call for big media to cooperate with online services and to talk about a solution.”

This was from someone “with knowledge of the case” commenting anonymously.

Of course.

The talk around Washington is that the level of arrogance displayed by Google lobbyists and executives would be laughable if they didn’t have so much money and influence over the Democrats. Witness the hand slap of Andrew McLaughlin and the ensuing debacle when FOIA documents surfaced. Ask yourself what would have happened if instead of being Google’s former worldwide head of lobbying and brown paper bags, he was instead employed by say, Coors Beer?

From the UK:
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The government plans to create economic conditions that benefit the creative industries through encouraging enterprise, such as reducing the corporations tax, reducing the small profits rate, a National Insurance Contributions holiday for regional start-up; an increase in the Enterprise Finance Guarantee and the creation of a new Enterprise Capital Fund and a Regional Growth Fund.