Supreme Court guidance regarding petition signatures

Interesting U.S. Supreme Court case may offer some guidance regarding digital democracy. Although online communications were not at issue in the case, the Utah Supreme Court is dealing with that issue directly and may be influenced by the SCOTUS opinion in Doe v. Reed:

“The State’s interest in preserving the integrity of the electoral process suffices to defeat the argument that the [Washington State referendum qualification statute as issue] is unconstitutional with respect to referendum petitions in general. That interest is particularly strong with respect to efforts to root out fraud. But the State’s interest is not limited to combating fraud; it extends to efforts to ferret out invalid signatures caused not by fraud but by simple mistake, such as duplicate signatures or signatures of individuals who are not registered to vote in the State. The State’s interest also extends more generally to promoting transparency and accountabilityin the electoral process.” (at p. 3, emphasis mine)

Food for thought.