Are Lessig & Pirate Party Extremists or Mainstream Critics of Obama and Biden?

Remember when Lester Lawrence Lessig III (call sign “Ace“) said he liked everything about the Pirate Party except the name?

How about this: Travis McCrea of the US Pirate Party [said] the news about the US government’s plans [to stop Internet theft] is not a surprise, since Obama and his party have consistently failed to live up to the promises they have made, including delivering high-speed internet to rural areas, and reforming copyright and patenting. [McCrea] said he does not believe the Obama administration is being bullied by the music and film industries and “he knows exactly what he is doing”. He was particularly critical of the appointment of Victoria Espinel, who he called the “Intellectual Property Czar”, the appointment of whom was endorsed by the MPAA.

He also disapproved of the appointment of Joe Biden as Obama’s vice-president, saying that it shows that Obama does not care about copyright and patent reform.

He told us that while the Pirate Party commends Obama’s efforts to make his government more transparent and adopting an open source backend for the White House website, the government is repeatedly failing the consumer, and that is hurting the enconomy, not piracy. He said that artists would make more money without middle management trying to control everything and that TV and film could be better distributed without the hassles of traditional TV networks and DRM copy-protection….Recent studies [such as the Government Accountability Office “observations”] have shown that piracy may actually help the U.S. economy and that virtually every citizen commits some form of IP infringement on a daily basis.”

Alrighty then. What did we ever do without these guys?

I think “Ace” Lessig needs to propose a “Poker Summit” given he’s so inside. Wouldn’t that be nice?