Rapture In The Valley: You Don’t Know the Shape I’m In

Remember Werner Erhard? Scientology? Lessig? I mean, Larouche? The Mitchell Brothers? Rich people from Northern California have once again found the path to prove that they really are superior to all other humans: The Singularity. “Merely Human? That’s So Yesterday” by Ashlee Vance in the New York Times gives a very succinct story of The […]

It’s Fisher–no it’s Global Licensing–no, it’s Choruss–no, it’s a fundmental right to share

Here we go again courtesy of the Pirate Party/Green Party coalition in the European Parliament: “Following complaints that intellectual property rules are generally ill-suited to a world where digital downloading is becoming increasingly common [and particularly because HADOPI is coming online], Green Party Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) hosted a discussion on 8 June […]

Canadian Copyright Modernization Act—Whose shadow is in the fine print?

“Nothing says freedom like getting away with it.”Long, Long Time by Guy Forsyth Creators ignore at their peril the international reach of the U.S. based anti-copyright groups and their many benefactors in the consumer electronics industry—not to mention the significant network of radical anti-copyright bureaucrats turned out by radical anti-copyright professors around the world. There […]

Bubbling under–Obfuscation is the Word

“Obfuscation” EFF style–what implications for online royalty accounting (See EFF praise for Google (“Google Cuts IP Log Retention to Nine Months“). Ah–that explains why YouTube wants to deflect royalty audits. They follow the EFF special document destruction policies (see paragraph 5.5 on the link)? Of course, we all know how prevalent amnesia is at the […]

The Idea Man Who Had No Idea

An excellent post from Tom Sydnor about the rather bizarre statements by LimeWire defendant Mark Gorton (or as the New York Times calls him “the idea man”). Yes, The Idea Man says no one at LimeWire knew that 98% of the files downloaded using their software were stolen. No, The Idea Man had No Idea. […]