News from the Goolag: Does Creative Commons Corporation help you enforce your rights?

Interesting post by a photographer on Slashdot complaining of–gasp–violations of the Creative Commons Corporation license by “big commercial companies” that use the photographer’s work in violation of the license. One of the examples he links to is Wired Magazine”.

The photographer askes “Does anyone care that we’ve gone to all this trouble to create new, more flexible licenses? Does it even matter when very smart people just flip the bird to the license?….I hate to type out DMCA notices but their attitude is that only uncool people complain about this and I should be happy about the publicity. Then they can be happy about not sharing their ad revenue with artists or photographers. What can I do?”

Answers: No, No, Nothing that you couldn’t have done anyway and maybe less.

Welcome to the Goolag, friend. Pick up your goodie bag with the KY, Handiwipes and lump of coal at the door. And you get the grand prize of being the crash test dummie in the case that determines exactly what rights you’ve given up by using the Corporation’s license.

And don’t expect Creative Commons to help enforce your rights–they’re busy raising millions for something that doesn’t involve you.