Geist Blows It Again: Stay out of the business, Mr. Chips

Susan Crawford, founder of One Web Day and the recently-departed Special Assistant to President Obama for Technology and Innovation, put it this way: “I was trained in the Internet Age by people who believed that nation states were on the verge of crumbling and that anything an [ISP] wanted to do [was irrelevant]…we could geek […]

ACLU takes the bait and helps EFF with its delaying tactics

In case anyone hasn’t noticed over the last decade, the EFF’s litigation tactics are designed to do two things–deny artists the choice of how they want their works distributed and (hopefully) sold, and obfuscate as much of the paper trail as possible to help thieves get off scott free. The principle way they accomplish these […]

Roasted Turkey is My Ice Cream: Emily Brill gets it all except the offshore gambling money

Wow–did anyone realize that Jonathan Zittrain got his seminars catered? How about this menu at a Stanford academic soiree: Mista Salad: Simple and Delicious Mixed Field Greens with Cucumbers and Ripe Tomatoes in a Light Vinaigrette, and Harvest Roasted Turkey with Oven Roasted Turkey Panini, Sage Aioli, Cranberry Chutney, and Munster Cheese Sound expensive? Just […]

News from the Goolag: If piracy, no bucks

Today is the first day of a new rule on campus–you let students use your campus bandwidth to violate federal law, no federal bucks for that campus nuclear reactor. Or whatever Mr. Chips spends the big bucks on. And by the way–losing federal money focuses the academic mind like very little else in the dark […]