Negotiation tips for Google Music CEO

Now there are some people who think I am unduly harsh on Google, especially regarding their goals in music or as they might say, information written in that primitive code. I can’t help noticing that those who think this do not appear to have been on the receiving end of Google’s desire to organize that […]

Is File Bartering Dead?

Faza notes that there’s some spew out there that would take yet another approach to defining the file barter problem out of existence by proposing that we accept the conclusion that file bartering is “dead”. I’m reminded of the great moral philosopher, Chico Marx, who proposed that we accept another conclusion: Will you believe me […]

Colleen Doran on the craft

One of our absolute favorite illustrators, Colleen Doran, the genius behind A Distant Soil lays it down in an interview with another one of our favorite people, Patrick Ross, the Studs Terkel of our business. (A Distant Soil has been on our recommended list so long no one can remember when it wasn’t.)