Canadian Writer Calls Yet Another Foul: They really hate it when you organize


Canadian novelist John Degen has an excellent post on more anti-artist hysteria coming from the University of Ottawa and in particular from the very well-funded web of the very well-funded Michael Geist.

In “Lessons in Headline Writing” John Degen calls out the latest and greatest by Geist in which Geist tries to gin up controversy against an open letter to Ministers Moore and Clement that was signed by elected representatives of The Canadian Authors Association; The League of Canadian Poets;The Literary Translators’ Association of Canada; The Playwrights Guild of Canada; The Professional Writers Association of Canada; and The Writers’ Union of Canada. These groups represent over 4,000 professional writers in Canada. Emphasis on the “elected”–Geist hasn’t been elected to dog catcher yet routinely undermines those who have without deference to those who elected them. (They don’t say “right honorable gentleman” because they think the MP is a gentleman, honorable or right–it’s out of respect to the voters who elected him.)

The purpose of the letter? To very politely point out that the Canadian Copyright Modernization Act in its current draft form is very vague, or as I would say more directly, a mishmash of crap in many respects which we hope gets fixed in Canada before the anti-creator crowd (including Google) attempts to foist all or part of it on the US.

Now this questioning of the current draft statute sets the prideful Geist off into orbit–almost sounds like Geist thought these elected leaders of professional writers were insulting Geist’s authorship, don’t it?

As a friend of mine who specializes in this kind of thing once told me, the Chinese don’t mind people using the Internet to post their views, what they hate is when they use the Internet to organize. They just really hate it when you organize.

(For those who do not recognize the name, Michael Geist is aka “he who shall not be named,” according to a prominent Canadian artist), or alternatively “the wonderful Michael Geistaccording to Lester Lawrence “AceLessig III, author of “The Starving Artist Canard” among other works. Mr. Wonderful is advisor to the U.S.-backed Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic and the paid consultant to Industry Canada. SGCIPPIC‘s external advisory board includes Lessig the American, the American EFF legal director, the American director of the American EPIC, and the American Pamela Samuelson, who is also a board member of the American EPIC and the American EFF—in short, 100% Yanks. So this Canadian affiliate of the Samuelson-Glushko system is to IP in Canada kind of what Alcoa of Canada is to Canadian industry.)

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