News from the Goolag: Industry-wide Letter to Google re Piracy Issues on Net Neutrality

Anthony Bruno at Billboard reports that A2IM, AFM, AFTRA, ASCAP, BMI, NMPA, RIAA, SESAC, SoundExchange, the Recording Academy, the California Songwriters Association, the Music Managers Forum, and the Nashville Songwriters Association International sent the following letter to Google: “Dear Mr. Schmidt: We write to you on behalf of the broad and diverse music community represented […]

Are we at the top yet?

From Business Insider, “What You Missed At Last Night’s New York Tech Meet Up”: “Host Nate Westheimer of Anyclip offered an A+ explanation for why he wasn’t allowing business model questions. ‘How’s it going to make money? It’s like anything on the Internet. You get a bunch of users, then maybe you get some partnerships. […]

News from the Goolag: What kind of shakedown can we expect from “Google Music”? Free beer for everyone!

“A…decline in industry profitability might not hurt artistic production [or] artist motivations. The remuneration of artistic talent differs from other types of labor….[Artists]might continue being creative even when the monetary incentives to do so become weaker [because] many of them enjoy fame, admiration, social status, and free beer in bars – suggesting a reduction in […]