News from the Goolag: The Wrong Tail Goes to Ireland

Another great column by Helienne Lindvall (“Behind the music: Moguls and musicians thrash out filesharing“) discusses a public “letter” from an Irish artist who bet on Rapidshare as a promotion model (and maybe distribution booster) with unremarkable results. This band’s experience with p2p distribution is, unfortunately, the legacy of the Wrong Tail, Less is More, […]

Is a royalty better than 50/50?

Interesting language in the Emimem case: “In sum, the agreements unambiguously provide that notwithstanding the Records Sold provision, Aftermath owed F.B.T. a 50% royalty under the Masters Licensed provision for licensing the Eminem masters to third parties for any use.” “under the Masters Licensed provision”…All things being equal, you’d need to see the contract that […]