“Generation Why?” Zadie Smith’s Excellent Review of “The Social Network” by Aaron Sorkin and “You Are Not A Gadget” by Jaron Lanier

Generation Why? is an outstanding vergleiche review by Zadie Smith in the New York Review of Books of Aaron Sorkin’s “The Social Network” and Jaron Lanier’s “You Are Not A Gadget”. (Smith also wrote F. Kafka, Everyman a supurb review of a recent Kafka biography.)  (For a critique of Zadie Smith’s review see Andrew Orlowski, “Why Zadie Smith is Wrong“.)

She offers many insightful observations into the psyche of Facebook, and the human issues at its core:

“For our self-conscious generation (and in this, I and Zuckerberg, and everyone raised on TV in the Eighties and Nineties, share a single soul), not being liked is as bad as it gets. Intolerable to be thought of badly for a minute, even for a moment. [Zuckerberg] didn’t need to just get out “in front” of the story. He had to get right on top of it and try to stop it breathing. Two weeks later, he went to a screening. Why? Because everybody liked the movie.”