Bravo Alex Luke

I’m not going to get sidetracked about how shallow some of the news coverage has been about Alex Luke’s transition to EMI.  It’s clearly the best news we’ve had in years, and so it’s natural that some in the old school digital press want to keep the self-induced death watch stories rolling for record companies.

I’m not going to presume that I have any special insight into why people do what they do.  But when the journlistically challenged ask why would Alex leave a cash-rich company like Apple to go to a cash-strapped company like EMI, I think they reveal too much.  Particularly when they speculate about the lure of a title.

One distributes records, one makes records.

Repeat after me, one distributes records one makes records.  No matter how good they are at distribution, and Apple’s marketing and distribution skills are beyond category (demonstrated most recently by their work on The Beatles both digital and physical), they don’t make records.  So if you really want to make records, you can’t do it at Apple. 

You know–one does the thing that the digital press understands, the other does the thing they haven’t a clue about.  So naturally they couldn’t understand it.  Makes you wonder what motivates them, don’t it?